I want to thank Morgan for the most incredible experience. I came to this event not knowing one thing and I wanted to keep an open mind. When Morgan was speaking to me about it, I looked in his eyes and could see that I knew that he was doing, and there’s a lot of trust. What this event taught me was all about the environment you are in, you know when you are in a good environment and everyone’s going to support you but they’re going to make you honest and accountable and you have got to level up. There’s so many awesome tools and activities that pushed you out of your comfort zone that make you uncomfortable. That’s what Morgan does, he truly makes you feel uncomfortable and there is so much growth in that, so much belief. I’ve come out of this knowing that I can do anything that I put my mind too. We’re all human but it’s up to us to take action. We’re all action takers, and action takers are money makers so I’m super pumped, I’m pumped to go to the future events and it has really worked. Trust me, the best investment you can make is in yourself.