“You’ve learned to be where you are, and you can also learn to be where you WANT to be”

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What I Do

I help you build the bridge between where you are now and where you ultimately want to be.

Attend a LIVE event

Attend one of my 1 day RE – DEFINE YOU events where we get to sit and do exactly that. Re evaluate your life in ALL areas, craft a new vision and gain clarity on a new direction in your life and give you the tools and mindset required to control all of your own results in life moving forward. You see, most people leave their life up to chance, after this event you’ll know how to pull the reigns in and set the sails of your ship in the direction you desire.


Imagine living a life without un warranted fear? Without self doubt, confusion and lack of confidence. Imagine being so clear on your goals and future that everything was attracted to you effortlessly and you no longer spend your days confused, worried and frustrated.

Each month there is a select few that I work with 1:1 to have total life break throughs where you’ll completely re invent your self and design the future of your dreams, leaving all the past problems, fears and doubts behind.


I believe that with the right mindset we can all find the happiness and success that we deserve. I am walking, talking proof that it’s achievable and I openly share my story and tips.


I don’t just come and tell you what to do and then disappear. I roll my sleeves up and give you hands-on support to implement the changes in your life.

My Story

Morgan T Nelson – Morgan is a 28 year old Entreprenuer from the Gold Coast, Australia who went from being emotionally and financially broke at the age of 21 to financially free at 23. He has gone on to build a 6 figure online business in the network marketing space, leading a team of thousands of other young people in 18 different countries across the globe.

He has spoken on stages in 4 different countries and had offers for many more. He has shared the stage with people like Darren Hardy, the founder of success magazine and Joel Brown from Addicted2Success.

He is the founder of The Dream Out Loud Method, a 3 day full immersion break through event where people discover their passions & purpose in life and go through many process’s of UN-Learning all their old patterns & behaviours that are keeping them where they are. They learn how to shape their destiny and create the life of their dreams, financially, spiritually and emotionally by following his method that took him from the bottom to a life by design. He is the host of the Dream Out Loud podcast which is ranked in the top 10 for self improvement and entrepreneurship in all of Australia where he has had Guests like Les Brown and Kerwin Rae to name a few where they hold nothing back and give every one the secrets of living a abundant, happy and purposeful life.

He is the author of, Money Power Podcasts, a simple guide to building a successful and profitable podcast. He has a huge passion for helping other young people find their true potential and purpose in life then helping them turn their dream life into a reality.


“Morgan empowered me to aim high in life! Ever since his seminar i have managed to move out of my mums basement, and I’m drinking way less beer and saving money.”

Dave Mcdougal