At the age of 18, Morgan was packed full of ideas and dreams for the perfect life. However, when he left school with nothing but ideas and beliefs of not being smart enough or good enough to ever truly succeed in life.

Bring tied up in drugs, alcohol, violence, and a toxic environment at a young age, Morgan’s life started to fall apart, and as his self-esteem lowered his depression and anxiety increased to the point of attempting to take his own life at 19 years old.

Getting the wake-up call he needed he decided to change his environment and focus on what truly mattered to him, Creating a life of fun, happiness, and freedom!

He started switching up his environment and that’s when a friend handed him a jim rohn CD that he obsessed over every single day and behan to re wire his perception of normal.

He started in the network marketing industry at 21 as he saw it as a way to create freedom and get out of his 6am to 5pm carpentry career that he hated. Failing forward every step of the way, dealing with all the haters and internal sabotaging beliefs, Morgan really worked on his mindset, his skill set and set out to be the best version of him he could be.

Two years later at the age of 23, he quit his career as a carpenter and was able to create financial freedom, generating more money residuallt per week than he needed to live and moved to his dream country of Mexico.

He then went on to grow his business to generate over 7 figures annuallywith customers in 19 countries globally and became the #1 income earner in that company under 25.

Traveling the world sharing the secrets of success, fast growth and how to overcome limitations of the mind to create a more fun filled, success driven life, he has been on stages in 4 countries with offers for many more and spoken to crowds of over 6000 at once.

In 2020 he decided to close the doors to his online business and start teaching everything he knew to the whole world through his Dream Out Loud podcast which has reached #6 for personal development in all of Australia and #101 in USA, plus top 10 in over 20 other countries too and is globally in the top 1% of all podcasts.

He has had guests such as Les Brown, Kerwin Rae, Dr John Demartini, Mark Victor Hansen, Chris Voss, Dr John Gray and so many more.

Now the founder and CEO of the Dream Out Loud Method events which is one of Australia’s fastest growing and top rated personal and professional development companies, helping millennials break through a life of fear, doubts and limitations and to finally create a life on purpose, with passion and next level success.

As a master trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and close to a decade of studying human psychology and neuroscience, he trains the audience from a place of authenticity, simplicty and embodiment, while guiding them to reprogram their minds and nervous system for success, joy and clarity… while having a heap of fun.

Join him, follow him and come along for the journey as he guides 1,000,000 over the next 5 years to create a life by design, UNLEARN all the things that hold them back and teach them the things they should have learned in school so that they can DREAM OUT LOUD!